FlashPrint 3.25

Converts designs and images into 3D printed models
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3.25.1 (See all)

Slices a 3D model into various layers to be read by the Dreamer. There is a function for cut and split with which you can divide your model into several separate parts, handy if your print is too big and you need to split it. As well there are options for converting 2D image files into 3D models.

A slicing software is required to process and interpret the 3D model into the language FFF 3D printers understand. FlashPrint is the slicing software used for the FlashForge Dreamer. FlashPrint will slice the 3D model into numerous layers and output it as a .g file, which is the format read by the Dreamer. The file is then transferred to the Dreamer by USB cable, SD card, or Wi-Fi. Once the output file has been transferred to the Dreamer, it will start
to turn the 3D model into a physical object by laying down layers of filament.

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